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We Too Are Curious… But Not to Know Cheap Stuff


‘Comment is Free; Facts are Sacred’


One more news website? Yes. Of course it is. We don’t’ claim even it is different. Like many other sites, we too sell curiosity. We are curious towards anything that is hidden or forbidden. It could be an apple in the Garden of Eden or blend of spices used in fried chicken. Life in royal estates is as curious as death in concentration camps. When an iron curtain falls between the ruler and the ruled, the latter suffer more from curiosity than hunger. Real freedom is the relief from curiosity. Democracy should provide such relief. The transition from monarchy to democracy is nothing but the journey from opacity to transparency. News makes democracy transparent. It throws light in all hidden and forbidden corners. That’s why we all love news. It keeps you relieved from curiosity every moment.


There are some mean forms of curiosity too: Private lives of prominent women and secretly recorded videos or captured photos of their partly or fully exposed bodies. Some journalists might dedicate themselves to address such curiosities. We may not have the strength to fight with them; but we have conscience to distance ourselves from them. We love to be called journalists and not Paparazzi, who survive on cheap sensation.


We, a group of professional journalists and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, under the stewardship of a senior journalist, who has been instrumental in the launchings of many media ventures, along with mainstream daily newspapers in erstwhile undivided Andhra Pradesh, India, offer this news website to those, who look for unbiased reporting and dispassionate criticism in persuasive style.


It’s our appeal to all those who like to nurture positive journalism to give us their valuable feedback.