Amazing Facts About Antarvedi Temple | అంతర్వేది ఆలయ రహస్యాలు! | Mana Devullu

Amazing Facts About Antarvedi Temple |
అంతర్వేది ఆలయ రహస్యాలు! | Mana Devullu

Antarvedi temple is located at the place of confluence where Vasistha Godavari joins the Bay of Bengal. This temple was constructed in 15th or 16th centuries by Pallava kings and later Peddapuram Reddy kings. The present structure is said to be built by Kapanati Krishnamma of Agnikula Kshatriya clan in 1823. The temple tower has five storeys depicting various incarnations of Vishnu and sculptures of lions on four sides. Though the temple is not so big it is one of the most primitive thirty-two Narasimha Khestras in A.P. The Lord is seen with His consort Lakshmi beside the banks of holy Vasishta Godavari. Sage Vasistha brought Godavari and dwelt here in his ashram. He prayed to Lord Narasimha when the demon Rakta Vilochana, son of Hiranyaksha, killed all his hundred sons. Lord Narasimha fought with the demon and killed him using His Sudarshan Chakra. He created Maha Maya, also called Ashwaroodambika or Gurralakka to suck the blood of the demon as he got a boon from Brahma that blood falling from his body would produce another demon of equal strength. After the death of Rakta Vilochana the stream of blood was let out by Maya to form a pond called Rakta Kulya. Lord Narasimha washed His chakra (discus) at a place called Chakra Thirtha. Sage Vasistha prayed to Lord to stay there along with Lakshmi. On the roof of this temple the picture of Vatapatrasai (Krishna sleeping on a floating banyan leaf) is seen. The statue of Lord Narasimha is seen along with Lakshmi seated on His left side.
On the east side of this shrine there is a separate shrine for Rajya Lakshmi and Lord Venkateswara. On the north side there is a shrine for Ranganatha swamy and His consort Bhudevi. On the west side Santana Gopalaswamy’s shrine is seen. On the south side of the main shrine one can see a shrine for Lord Anjaneya with four hands who is the Kshetrapalaka or guardian deity of this temple. The sannidhi of Alwars is also seen here. On the other side of the main temple Lord Neelakanteswra’s temple is seen.This shrine is more primitive than the main temple and Lord Brahma is said to have performed Yagna and installed Shiva Linga here. Hence this place was called Antarvedi which means a place with a sacrificial altar. Later Lord Sri Rama worshipped Neelakanteswara. Arjuna during his pilgrimage is said to have visited this temple. This temple was managed by Peddapuram Rajas during 18th century and later by Mogaltur Rajas in 19th century. Now it is under the management of Religious Endowments Department. Watch this video to know the details..

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