Hidden Facts of Srisailam | శ్రీశైలక్షేత్రంలో మీకు తెలియని రహస్యాలు! | Mana Devullu

Hidden Facts of Srisailam. Watch full video శ్రీశైలక్షేత్రంలో మీకు తెలియని రహస్యాలు! to know more. For more latest Devotional updates stay tuned to Mana Devullu.

The existing main temple is a huge complex consisting of separate temples of Mallikarjuna and Bhramaramba ,several sub shrines, pillared halls, mandapas, springs etc., This entire complex is fortified by the most impressive Prakaram wall of massive stones. The Prakaram wall contains four Dwaras ( principal gates) at four cardinals surmounted by the Gopuras. The eastern entrance is the Mahadwaram. The centre of the temple complex consists of an enclosure bellow the level of the principal gates of the cardinals. This enclosure has Salamandapas at the northern and southern sides. The space between the inner enclosure and outer Prakaras walls was maintained gardens in olden days. In the inner court yard there are Nandimandapa, Veerasiromandapa , the temple of Mallikarjuna, the temple of Bhramaramba and all are in a row from east to west. Some of the minor shrines such as the temple of Vriddha Mallikarjuna, Sahasra Lingeswara, Arthanariswara, Veerabhadra, Uma Maheswara and a group of five temples named as Pandava Prathista temples and a row of nine temples called as Navabrahma temples etc., are also located in the inner courtyard. Watch this video to know the details..

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