Its ‘Her Decision’ Says Anushka

Anushka Sharma Victoria Azarenka

As the movie Sultan makes a decent impact on Indian crowds, the female lead’s decision to put motherhood over her ambition to win a medal, was put to feminism test.

Explaining her sportswoman character, Aarfa’s decision, Anushka Sharma has rightly put how a it was an emotional decision of a strong woman totally in charge of her life. Choosing motherhood over career is as empowering as choosing your career over motherhood is empowering, and that the freedom to choose is empowering, she has emphatically put.

She also referred to a real life example of tennis star Victoria Azarenka, who announced just a few days back about her decision to be a mother and leave the sport for a while, to which she can return to, just like many other successful women before her. And Just like Aarfa, who returns to the game, Azarenka also said she will return to tennis, even if she had to double her efforts.

Though, there seems to be not many that had questioned wrestler Aarfa’s decision, can those supporting it, appreciate a woman’s decision not to have a child as well, would be a different question that one has to ask oneself.

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