Allari Naresh Has No Takers!


Though comedy is highly selling subject in Tollywood, those who are known for comedy are not flourishing. This sounds paradoxical. But it’s true.

Allari Naresh, an established hero in the films of comedy genre has slipped into oblivion. With the successive flops, he is found nowhere else. The only hope for him is  his upcoming movie, ‘Selfie Raja’. This is the story known outside. But there is another story for his failure:Indiscipline.

He never comes to sets in time. Most of the directors and producers get dissuaded with his approach. To his misfortune, many comedians have emerged from popular TV show, ‘Jabardasth’. They are occupying much of the space in comedy tracks, if not films.

Naresh, who has amazing ease in performance, still has his room, if he plans his career properly, his well wishers in the industry always say.

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