Kabali Gets an ‘U,’ to Take-off on July 22

Kabali Poster on Air Asia Flight

Super star Rajinikanth’s latest phenomenon Kabali, has passed through the ‘censors’ with a clean ‘U’ with 2 hours and 32 minutes run time and is set to release on July 22.

Directed by Pa Ranjith, Kabali has been receiving rave accolades even before its release, for the stylish portrayal of a don, once again remembering his years-old role in Bhasha.

Though the movie could have had an earlier release on August 15, had Rajini let the producer Kalaipuli S Thanu break the queue at CBFC with permissions from the producers of other films, Rajini reportedly asked the producer to fall in line, just like others, being unpretentious, being Rajini.

The trilingual movie is being released in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi initially on nearly 4,000 screens. It will have a Malay as well as Malaysian release later reportedly with dubbed versions.

The hype for the movie has broken the roof, as it has gone to having posters painted on flights. It has already estimated to have made a pre-release business of Rs. 200 crores from the film distributions and other rights along with the tie-ups with several popular brands. Kabali memorabilia like dolls and other merchandise are also released into the market.

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