Naga Chaitanya Says No to Action Movies

Hero Naga Chaitanya is now scared of action movies. With his successive disasters of ‘Bejawadada’ and ‘Dhada’, he is averse to the genre.

The credit of giving him the greatest mishap goes to Rama Gopala Verma. He created lot of hype to ‘Bejawada’ only to give a miserable flop. Even Ajay Bhuyan is no better, he created ‘Dhada'( scare) only to the hero Naga Chaitanya.

Of late, Sridhar Seepam, approached him with a script of action genre. Though Naga Chaitanya liked his script but smoothly rejected it. He is now looking for Romantic drama on the lines of Sukumar’s ‘100% Love’. Yes. he loves to be lover boy for some time. He may ask either Sukumar or Goutham Menon of ‘Eto Vellipoyindi Manasu’ to prepare on such script for him.

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