Priyamani Slams ‘Love Jihad’ Trolls

Priayamani Love jihad

Actress Priyamani, who got engaged with her boy friend Mustafa Raj yesterday in Bengaluru slammed trolls who commented calling it ‘Love Jihad’ on social media.

Several trolls on Facebook, probably belonging to fringe right extremists groups commented that it is a case of ‘Love Jihad,’ a name coined by their leaders against inter-religious marriages (particularly) between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy.

Love Jihad

But, Priyamani, who has several powerful on-screen performances, is not of those that going to ignore them. Replying to the trolls, she posted on her Facebook account that It is her life, she needs to answer no one except her parents and her fiancee.

She said that she has only shared the news with all of them to seek blessings and kind messages on one of her happiest moments of life. She expressed her anguish saying that she was appalled and fed up of hatred and negativity. “Grow up you people!!” She says.

Several other fans and people backed her and applauded her stern reply to the trolls.