Are our ‘Bad Boys’ Costly?


You can have Telugoos for all the roles barring two:the heroine and the villain. Better hire them from Bollywood. This is the trend in Tollywood. Why?

Heroines for ‘white skin’ and villains for ‘cheaper price’. It’s very hard to believe that villains from the two telugu speaking states charge higher than what the ‘Bad boys’ from Bollywood quote. This has been the trend for more than a decade. Right from Mukesh Rishi to Sonu Sood, Mumbai boys aren’t ‘bad enough’ in price and they charge Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs  a film. The same is the case with character artistes too. But Sri Hari, who passed away recently, would charge not less than a Crore for  playing a special role. Senior artiste Mohan Babu has his reputation for playing distinctive roles. He proved himself that is the best suited for the role of Lord Yama came close almost to Kaikala Satyanarayana in performance. Mohan Babu can play any role- be it Villain or Hero. He did extremely well as  ‘God Father’ in one of Varma’s films. He too charges less than a crore.

Of late, Rao Ramesh, doing the roles of negative shades. His part in the recently released movies, ‘Bhrahmotsavam’ and ‘A..Aa’, casts magic spell on the minds of audiences. He, however, is with in producers’ reach. Jagapathi Babu’s father  did the role of (heroine’s) bad father in ‘Naannaku Prematho’ very effectively. Unless the ‘bad boy’ is not bad enough, the hero can never be good enough. Producers could be generous enough  to pay our ‘bad boys’, if want their films big hits.

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