Health Benefits of Nannari syrup and Prepration

nannari juice

“Nannari root is an important Ayurveda herb which hydrates body during summer.”

Nannari also know as the Indian Sarsaparilla, the roots of Nannari are woody and Aromatic. It occurs over the greater part of India, from the upper Gangetic plain eastwards to Assam and in some places in central, western and South India. Scientific named as Hemidesmus Indicus.

Benefits of Nannari Juice

• Body coolant: Nannari root is a natural body coolant and keeps our hydrated during.
• Blood purifier: Nannari root is an excellent blood purifier and health tonic. If made with traditional jaggery, it is one of the best natural health tonics available and increases our energy levels
• Urinary infection: This nannari sherbet is reported to be an excellent home remedy for urinary infection.
• Constipation: Consuming a glass of nannari sherbet also is a good and effective home remedy for constipation and it also relieves body pain.
• For Digestion: This nannari sherbet is an effective way to treat our stomach disorders without swallowing bitter pills

How to prepare nannari juice

Wash Nannari root, separate brownish colored roots and whitish middle part. Take brownish part to make it into small pieces. Boil the pieces with measured water in a pan, close the lid and leave overnight. Next day stain the syrup using strainer. Now in a pan add jaggery and stained syrup bring to boil until it reaches one string consistency, then add lemon juice and off heat. Let the syrup cool, then store it in glass bottle in the refrigerator.
To use, take around 2 tbsp of syrup on a bowl and add the required amount of chilled water and mix.

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