Foods that Cure Anemia Disease | రక్త హీనతతో బాధ పడుతున్నారా అయితే ఈ పధార్ధలు తో చెక్!

రక్త హీనతతో బాధ పడుతున్నారా అయితే ఈ పధార్ధలు తో చెక్! | Foods to Cure Anemia Disease | Arogya Mantra

Anemia symptoms and how to escape from anemia, its explained in Telugu. Anemia occurs in normal blood cells, whereas red blood cells (RBCs) are a level in your blood. Iron deficiency anemia is a very common type of anemia, and this happens when there is not enough iron in your body. Hemoglobin To make a protein called iron, your body needs iron. This protein is responsible for carrying oxygen to your body tissues, causing your tissues And require to function efficiently the muscles. If you do not have enough iron in your blood circulation, you can not get the oxygen needed for the rest of your body. Although this situation is normal, anemia most people do not know that iron deficiency. we can cure or control this by having good food here we are explaining about the food that control anemia…

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