Using Shampoo With Hot Water Bath Watch Here What Happens | Arogya Mantra

వేడినీళ్ళ స్నానం చేసేటప్పుడు షాంపూ వాడితే ఏమౌతుందో తెలుసా? | Using Shampoo With Hot Water Bath Watch Here What Happens | Arogya Mantra

Why does washing hair with warm water cause to fall. The ultimate water only hair washing routine no shampoo hot or cold water. Should you wash your hair with warm or cold water? Here’s what. So, by all means, take a warm shower, but at the end, rinse with cold water next time you are in remember these rules your hair will thank for it! happen to shirt if washed it harsh detergent and hot simple answer this question is no. At the start of washing hair with warm water is alright because it helps in removing oil and dirt what will happen to my sweaty after workout. Warm water allows the dirt and hair product that has accumulated on your scalp to escape it can weaken roots. watch here what happens doing head bath with hot water…

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