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Tollywood Celebrities Participate With 800 Cancer Winners Walk . Walk For Life Again .Winners walk of life again . Celebrities participate in winners walk of life again . world wide cancer pandemic has been known to a huge number of lives. The absence of legitimate gloom on tumor is the reason for these passings. That is the reason beginning an existence again establishment and advancing the senior courageous woman Gautami . Natasimha Balakrishna, Jayasudha, including numerous motion picture famous people, prevailing with regards to sorting out this battle. recently (November 12) Hyderabad strolled the victor stroll on the accessory street. More than 800 individuals who took the disease to take an interest in this vocabulary have been generally promoted. Tumor Winners’ Performance on Royal Enfield Bikes … Banjara Women’s Dances .. The Celebrity Art of Hyderabad Necklace Road has concocted an exceptional craftsmanship . The objective of expanding mindfulness on the time tumor is satisfied. Senior on-screen character Gauthami, Jayasudha, representative speaker Padma Devendar Reddy, senior legend Naresh, Life Again establishment prime supporter Haima Reddy, executive maker Tamma Reddy Bharadwaja, saint Sadhar Patel, `Ma` president Shivaji Raja, courageous woman Manali Radhod, maker, Santosha supremo Suresh Kondeti , Our maa affiliation individuals took an interest in this discourse. At 6:30 am, Jalvihar opened at 8: 30 at the People’s Plaza. Mumiat Khan is an extraordinary fascination in the NecklaceRoad in Celebrity Walk . 800 మంది క్యాన్స‌ర్ విజేత‌ల‌తో నెక్లెస్‌రోడ్‌లో సెల‌బ్రిటీ వాక్‌.. Telugu Stars
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