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Victory Venkatesh Wife Neeraja Personal Life Secrets | Hero Venkatesh | Tollywood | We are more familiar with our Venkatesh than Victory Venkatesh than Daggubati Venkatesh. Venkatesh is the prominent producer of Daggubati Ramanaidu’s second son. Venkatesh’s family, Daggubati Ramanaudu, who is known to all, and Venkatesh Ananya Daggubati Suresh and Rana Daggubati are beyond the scope of the Venkatesh family. Most of the people do not know about Venkatesh’s wife. There is something interesting about Venkatesh’s wife. Venkatesh’s wife Neeraja Reddy came from the family of Chaudhary’s social community. Venkatesh is a good girl who is well-acquainted with his father Rama Naidu and asked the producer Vijay Nagi Reddy that he is in the community of your cousin, but there is a girl in our cousins and she is now looking for relationships. When Naidu told me that he did not have such a thing, it was a brilliant wonder that Venkatesh was looking for Venkatesh and Neeraja Reddy, with his daughter-in-law, Niraja Reddy, Venkatesh is born on December 13, 1960, Venkatesh was married to Neeraja in 1985. Venkatesh was married to Neera Raja at the age of 25 years. Now age is 48 years old. Venkatesh Neeraja has four children and three girls are a boy. The names of daughters of Neerja Venkatesh are Aashritha, Hayavahini and Bhavana
Son’s name is Arjun Ramnath Daggubati. Every work that is needed for a child at home is near the neera gare. Venjaratsh is very fond of Venkatesh every day when Venky shooting goes and he gets to the car every day. Neeraja read MBA in America.విక్టరీ వెంకటేష్ భార్య నీరజ గురించి మీకు తెలియని షాకింగ్ నిజాలు! | Telugu Stars

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