Drive to Make Hyderabad a Beggar-Free City

The city of pearls will be made Beggar-Free City, Drive by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation appealing to genuine beggars to register.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has taken up the task to make this beautiful city free of beggars, who are spoiling the name by targeting foreigners and outsiders by forcibly collecting money. Beggars can be spotted at almost all the traffic junctions of the city, they wait for the traffic lights to turn red and start their activity. According to a survey there are 14,000 beggars in the city and surprisingly 98% beggars are fake and have huge annual income of more than Rs 24 crore.

The administration has come up with a good idea to make city a beggar-free city. The genuine beggars are appealed to register themselves for rehabilitation as per the needs they will be helped. General Secretary of Federation of NGOs of beggar free society B Shankar Narayana said, “Not just huge money like Rs 25 crore that they earn, these beggars are into drugs, prostitution, money lending etc. They are spoiling city.” The society has urged the people to think twice before giving alms to beggars.

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