I Never Say Never to Politics: Robert Vadra

Robert Vadra

Robert Vadra, a businessmen, in his own capacity, as he insists and son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, said he never say never to politics.

In an interview to a news agency in Delhi, Vadra has also said that he never needed the support of his wife Priyanka Gandhi to build his life and that he had enough from from his parents. He said that he would join politics on his own will when he believes that he can change something.

He was reported as saying that the Modi government may face a revolt for their actions as people tend to know right from wrong. He asserted that youth of India can’t be intimidated or dictated and should be listened to.

The 47 year old Vadra had a round of accusations from oppositional parties, with the current Prime Minister Modi naming him, Damad Shri, for his alleged economic offences. One of those was a land deal in Haryana where popular IAS officer Ashok Khemka was transferred for quashing a deal related to Vadra and DLF. The BJP which reigned power in the State did order an investigation, but haven’t made Khemka, a party to it.

Mr. Vadra besides running his own entrepreneurial enterprises, also campaigned for his mother-in-law Sonia Gandhi and brother-in-law Rahul, but never made speeches, notes a media report.

Mr. Vadra, who had been delaying his entry into politics, said he would never leave the country even if humiliated and that he has the ability to withstand and survive the adversities.

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