Chandra Babu’s Govt. Takes Tough Stand Against Mudragada


Has  Chandrababu’s government taken tough stand towards Mudragada’s fast unto death? Sources say yes.

He continued his fast in the hospital, even after he was whisked way from his home at Kirlampudi on the day he commenced it. The government wants to counter his stir on two counts: Proving his demand for the release of those arrested in setting a train fire in Tuni is unreasonable and unlawful and Appeasing the members of Kapu community with as many as sops possible. In short, it’s ‘Fear and Favor’ strategy.

Most of his followers have duly been  scared of being booked in Tuni case. The government has come with a corporation with the financial allocation of Rs. 1000 crores. Apart from this, a news scheme of free coaching for 500 Civil services aspirants has been announced.

Kapu Ministers in Chandra babu’s cabinet has been assigned the job of isolating Mudragada from Kapu community. On the other hand, YSR Congress and Congress are trying their best to stand behind Mudragada. As he did in the fast, Mudragada not gaining unconditional support from the elite of the community.

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