Kashmir’s Vicious Cycle of Violence

While the crown of the country faces another rising unrest, people outside Kashmir seems to be completely disconnected with the plight of the normal people in the valley.

Kashmir, one of the renowned places for tourism had to face the turmoil that has consistently failed to subside, as it has become a political tool because of its geo-political nature. There are multiple forces to blame for the turbulence including the Indian government which was only present in the valley in the form of ever increasing armed forces.

Governments after governments and ruling parties have failed to empathise with the people of the valley, and in fact, even used it as a political tool to make it a sentimental issue for the rest of India. The permanent security forces that are supposed to reduce the militancy in the state – partly sponsored by the neighbouring Pakistan – coupled with the economic slump in the lives of People could only achieve more militancy and resentment.

The recent death of Burhan Wani, who was reportedly 15, when he got a beating from the local forces and gone rogue, only to become the face of militants by the age of 22, has brought back widespread violent confrontations killing at leat 41, besides injuring thousands. While the people in Kashmir saw him as one of their raising voices, the rest of India, mostly any way, could only see him as a militant and terrorist, as it is unaware of the conditions that have already created a vicious cycle of violence that has been taking lives of our own.

As per latest reports, all mobile networks except BSNL, cable networks and other press organisations have been shutdown in the valley, as ‘temporary measures’ by the government to control the violence. But, a permanent solution to the Kashmir’s ceaseless unrest is still to be even explored.

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