KCR All Set for Nalgonda By Elections? | KCR నల్గొండ ఉప ఎన్నిక కి సై? అక్టోబర్ 8న గుత్తా రాజీనామా?

KCR All Set for Nalgonda By Elections?
Talking about Nalgonda’s parliamentary position is now going to be a big debate in Telangana. In this position, the by-elections will go to the party’s strategy to be a TRS Chief KCR plan. With the coming of Telangana state, the party comes to power for three years, shocking the Congress in the upcoming general elections, and on the other side how much confidence it is to show that the only way to the KCR is by the by-election.

So even if Nalgonda is ready, the Opposition has also been ready for the Nalgonda. But in the case of the resignation of the latter all the information that KCR is thinking most. The party changed and Gutta Sukhendar who came to the teresa on Congress ticket

But if he resigns, the by-election will not be possible. But there is no clarity that he did when he resigned. The farmer’s co-ordinating committee is yet to get the post, which also has to come to the cabinet rank.

Clarity came on the resignation of the new post, but nothing has happened. The TRS says that the Chief Minister does not even present the resignation of the post of Gupta. However, within 10 days, the resolution is clear! On the 8th of October, we will see that we will be replaced by the resignation of the TRS. And see what’s going on.
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