Govt Lacking the Vigour to Check the Mindset Against Dalits

The ex-vice president of the BJP’s Uttar Pradesh unit, Dayashankar Singh’s extremely derogatory remarks against the former UP Chief Minister Mayawati came days after Gujarat’s Una incident.

The BJP acted quick enough to suspend Mr. Singh for six years, but this can’t be seen as an isolated incident of insulting Dalits and the Dalit leaders, as there have been several physical and vocal attacks across the nation, menacingly from the leaders as well as supporters of the ruling BJP.

Though the Prime Minister has been quoting Babasaheb and calling for upholding his ideas against social discrimination, unfortunately his party members or activists don’t seem to yield to that kind of ideology. The activities of mob justice in the name of cow protection, like, in the case of Una incident, where some Dalits were badly beaten up and paraded for taming a dead cow, among others, have not been flayed enough by the BJP government and party.

Keeping aside the physical attacks on Dalits by incited mobs, the comments by few leaders have been equally disdainful. From defending the Union Minister and retired General VK Singh’s insensitive comments against two Dalit children – who had died after a fire incident allegedly by upper caste members – comparing them to dogs on the road in November to painting an anti-national picture around HCU’s Rohit Vemula’s suicde, the BJP government and PM Modi haven’t really been seen combating the wrong patterns.

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