SC Raps States For Burying Heads Under Severe Draught

India draught

Calling the States’ approach to draught as Ostrich-like attitude, Supreme Court has whacked the States for the lack of will to address or even acknowledge the conditions.

Hearing a PIL over declaration of drought in more than 10 states, the Apex Court expressed anger at the ignorance of draught conditions by the States like Bihar, Haryana and Gujarat. While Gujarat took its time to declare the draught, Haryana and Bihar are yet to acknowledge the conditions, reports suggest.

Observing that the draught situations affect the vulnerable sections of the society more, SC has directed the States to immediately review their measures with the Union Agriculture Ministry in a week.

The Court has also asked the Centre to revise the draught manual to narrow down the period for the States to declare draught. It has also directed Central government to create a disaster mitigation fund and a disaster relief force.

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