YSRCP Supports Modi’s Simultaneous Polls | మోడీకి డైరెక్ట్ గానే మద్దతు పలికిన వైసిపి ! | Telugu News

YSRCP Supports Simultaneous Polls | Telugu News
మోడీకి డైరెక్ట్ గానే మద్దతు పలికిన వైసిపి… విజయసాయి కూడా అదే అన్నాడు! |

The YSR Congress Party on Tuesday supported Centre’s proposal to conduct simultaneous elections, becoming the fifth party in the country to do so. In an 8-page letter submitted to the Law Commission, the YSRCP said that the party decided to support simultaneous elections after studying the advantages and disadvantages of simultaneous elections. The idea to conduct simultaneous elections has been proposed by the government as part of its ‘One Nation One Election’ concept. Subsequently, the Law Commission sent an invite to seven national and 59 regional parties for their consultation and opinions. The YSRCP has stated that simultaneous elections will reduce the expenditure incurred by the Election Commission but, at the same time, pointed out that there is no guarantee that the overall expenditure of political parties will come down. Watch this video to know the details..

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