బాల‌య్య ఇల్లు కూల్చివేత‌?

జూబ్లీహిల్స్‌లోని న‌ట‌సింహా బాల‌కృష్ణ ఇల్లు కూల్చేయ‌బోతున్నారా? అంటే అవుననే స‌మాచారం. ఆ మేర‌కు జీహెచ్ ఎంసీ రంగం సిద్ధం చేస్తోంది.  బాల‌య్య ఇల్లు కూల్చేయాల‌నుకోవ‌డానికి కార‌ణం అక్క‌డ ఓ ఫ్లైవోవ‌ర్ నిర్మించాల‌న్న ప్లాన్ ఉండ‌డ‌మే. డిజైన్‌లో ……

1 year ago
aadhaar for newborns

Aadhaar Card for Newborns in Hospital Cradle

Integration of registration of births with enrollment of Aadhaar card has been initiated by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Now, the new born babies will ……

1 year ago
WiFi in Hyderabad Still a Dream, No Hope

WiFi in Hyderabad Still a Dream, No Hope

In a part of 100 days action plan, a success target was fixed in for installing 3000 free WiFi points under Greater Hyderabad limits, which turned ……

1 year ago
Bhattis getting ready to prepare haleem.

Haleem Makers for Sales Tax Exemption

The Haleem Preparatory Traders has put forward a demand to the state government to waive off the sales tax levied on the delicacy. The Holy month ……

1 year ago
TRS Pink Hyderabad

KTR Orders GHMC to dispose of Pink Menace

The enthusiastic of the ruling party are filling up Hyderabad with pink banners for every other event of their leaders and the minister K. Taraka Rama ……

1 year ago
Illegal banners

Hyderabad to Become Hoarding Free Soon

Chief Minister KCR’s annoyance paved way to wipe out unauthorized banners, flexis, posters and hoarding in the city. K T Rama Rao Minister for Municipal Administration ……

1 year ago
Upcoming Cyber City - Newsmarg

Hyderabad to Get 3,000 Free Wi-Fi Networks

Inter Departmental Coordination on Saturday, decided to set up 3,000 free Wi-Fi networks across the Greater Hyderabad limits. The upcoming Cyber city – Hyderabad will be ……

2 years ago