Big Gap in US Flags with AI in Fraud Stopping
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Big Gap in US Flags with AI in Fraud Stopping

There’s a big problem with spotting fraud in the US, and it’s linked to using smart technology. Banks are starting to use AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, to catch bad guys who try to trick the system. But there’s a big hole in the system, like a missing puzzle piece, that makes it hard to catch all the crooks.

This missing piece is called a “data gap,” which means there’s some important information missing that could help stop fraud. It’s like trying to solve a mystery without all the clues. So, even though AI is super smart, it can’t do its job perfectly without all the right information.

This news is a big deal because it means there’s still work to be done to make sure our money is safe from people who want to steal it. But don’t worry, smart people are working hard to fill in this gap so that AI can do an even better job of protecting our money in the future.

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