Colorado’s Bid to Change Laws on Child Abuse Cases Faces Hurdles
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Colorado’s Bid to Change Laws on Child Abuse Cases Faces Hurdles

The resolution, which passed its committee hearing on Feb. 7, has been awaiting a second reading debate in the Senate for over two months. Its progression hinges on securing a supermajority of 24 votes, a threshold that the Senate Democrats currently fall short of with 23 members.

Originally, SCR 001 had one Republican cosponsor, Senator Mark Baisley, who later withdrew support. The measure is linked to a 2021 law allowing victims of child sex abuse to file claims dating back to 1960, which was subsequently deemed unconstitutional by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Despite bipartisan support for the 2021 law, this year’s debate has been more partisan. Supporters argue that SCR 1 would empower victims by removing the statute of limitations on civil claims related to child sex abuse. However, opponents express concerns about the constitutionality and fairness of retroactive legislation.

The resolution’s fate now rests on securing the crucial 24th vote in the Senate, with both sides focusing on Senator Perry Will as a potential swing vote. A preliminary approval has been obtained, but the final vote is pending.

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