Decision Time for Aurora: Enforce Pit Bull Ban or Keep Fighting in Court?
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Decision Time for Aurora: Enforce Pit Bull Ban or Keep Fighting in Court?

The controversy stems from the city’s 2021 choice to repeal its ban on pit bull dog ownership. Initially, in 2005, the City Council enacted an ordinance banning the breed, except with a city-issued license. Later, in 2010, the ordinance was revised to allow exceptions for service dogs and reduce the number of prohibited breeds. However, in 2014, voters rejected a proposal to repeal the ban, with only 35.6% voting in favor.

Despite this, two years ago, the council decided to repeal the ban. The current policy permits residents to own specific pit bull breeds within city limits.

In May 2021, Aurora resident Matthew Snider filed a lawsuit against the city, arguing that by overturning the ban without voter approval, the council disregarded their wishes. He sought to void the 2021 ordinance. Although the court initially dismissed Snider’s complaint, an appeal reversed this decision.

In March, Judge Elizabeth Beebe Volz ruled in favor of Snider, stating that the city’s charter mandates that an ordinance submitted to voters cannot be changed without another vote. Since the council did not seek voter approval for the repeal, Volz declared it void.

The city has yet to determine its course of action. City spokesperson Ryan Luby stated that council members and staff are considering whether to enforce the ban or appeal the court’s decision.

Snider emphasized that his lawsuit aims to uphold the sanctity of the 2014 election results, regardless of personal opinions. He views election outcomes as sacred and worthy of protection, regardless of agreement.

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