Denver Ethics Board Clears Councilwoman Alvidrez of Alleged Misuse of Taxpayer Funds
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Denver Ethics Board Clears Councilwoman Alvidrez of Alleged Misuse of Taxpayer Funds

District 7 Councilwoman Flor Alvidrez has been cleared of violating the Denver Ethics Code, following an investigation by the Ethics Board on Wednesday. The decision comes after a complaint filed in January, accusing Alvidrez of misusing taxpayer dollars.

The complaint highlighted spending on a parade float, birthday celebrations, and a project without evidence of services rendered. Although the board found no violations, they expressed concerns about Alvidrez’s repeated requests to use taxpayer money.

“While there was no technical violation of the Denver ethics code, this raises significant concern,” the transcript of the meeting states. The board recommended revisiting and updating the city’s code of ethics as necessary.

Despite the clearance, Alvidrez received a stern reprimand in the transcript for what was described as a “flagrant disregard of appropriate use of public funds.”

The complaint, filed by council aide Leya Hartman, detailed instances where Alvidrez allegedly spent on unauthorized items or travel upgrades. For example, Hartman claimed Alvidrez spent over $4,000 on an extra Halloween parade float after already paying $10,000 for one.

Alvidrez defended her actions, stating that she did not personally benefit from the transactions and that the additional float was in response to commitments made to different groups. She also refuted claims regarding a project payment, stating that the individual involved is not associated with her.

Alvidrez expressed gratitude for the board’s thorough investigation and is awaiting the release of the written decision. She plans to issue an official statement in the coming weeks.

Denver Gazette reporter Noah Festenstein contributed to this report.

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