Denver Gazette Readers Choose Venalonzo’s for Best Taco
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Denver Gazette Readers Choose Venalonzo’s for Best Taco

After a thrilling month-long competition with 32 contenders, Venalonzo’s, a restaurant in Centennial (6830 South Yosemite Street), has been crowned as having the Best Taco in Denver. Denver Gazette readers enthusiastically voted for Venalonzo’s in the inaugural 2024 Denver Taco Tournament.

Known for its authentic Mexican cuisine, Venalonzo’s is a labor of love for owners Nati Venalonzo and his brother, who start cooking early every day. Prior to the competition, the restaurant proudly touted itself as having “the best tacos in town” on their website. It’s no surprise that they emerged victorious, having previously been recognized as one of Yelp’s Top 100 places to eat in the Southwest U.S.A.

Venalonzo’s has also hosted notable figures from politics and the restaurant industry, including Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Colorado State Senator Tom Sullivan, and world-renowned chef Fernando Stovell, who praised the restaurant’s outstanding quality.

Among Venalonzo’s popular offerings are their quesabirria tacos, featuring meat folded on a crispy corn tortilla with cheese, onions, and cilantro, served with a side of consommé broth for dipping. They also offer unique variations like pizza birria and burger birria.

Throughout the tournament, Venalonzo’s faced tough competition, including Hell’s Tacos, La Loma, Uno Mas, and Kiké’s Red Tacos. Tacos Selene, Venalonzo’s competitor in the final round, also put up a strong fight, earning praise from its supporters.

With Venalonzo’s clinching a commanding victory with 354 votes compared to Tacos Selene’s 173 votes, it now holds the title of Denver’s Best Taco. Both restaurants engaged voters through social media and creative marketing tactics.

While Venalonzo’s may wear the crown, both establishments offer delicious taco options that leave customers feeling like winners.

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