FAFSA Issues Cause College Application Delays for Students
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FAFSA Issues Cause College Application Delays for Students

Like Harrelson, many current and prospective college students faced obstacles in their application process due to glitches and errors in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These issues have turned what was supposed to be a smoother process into a bureaucratic challenge for applicants and admissions officers alike.

FAFSA plays a crucial role in determining federal aid for students, but its malfunctioning has affected other forms of aid as well. Without clear information on federal aid, many schools and scholarship programs struggle to finalize offers. Federal authorities have promised to address these issues by mid-April.

For families like Kelly Gainor’s, the uncertainty caused by FAFSA errors has led to tough decisions. Gainor, from Albany, New York, reduced her 401(k) contributions to save money for her daughter Kennedy’s tuition. Although Kennedy has committed to her dream school, James Madison University, she is still awaiting federal aid information. This uncertainty about potential scholarships has forced the family to reconsider their financial plans, including college savings and investment strategies.

Despite efforts to process FAFSA applications, additional errors have been identified, leading to delays in processing nearly 20% of applications. As a result, many students are left in limbo, unsure about their financial aid and college decisions.

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