How Abortion Pill Providers Work Together Amid New Challenges
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How Abortion Pill Providers Work Together Amid New Challenges

With Florida imposing a six-week abortion ban, Wells expects even more searches and innovative solutions from providers. She says such restrictions cause harm but also drive people to take action.

After the Supreme Court’s 2022 Dobbs decision overturned Roe v. Wade, abortion providers united to ensure access across the country, despite bans in 15 states. Organizations like Aid Access, Hey Jane, and Just the Pill offer abortion medication through various means, including mail delivery, mobile clinics, and financial aid.

They collaborate closely, sharing resources and strategies to navigate changing laws. Plan C facilitated meetings among providers to discuss collective responses to the evolving landscape.

Aid Access, for instance, ships abortion pills from within the U.S. under telemedicine shield laws. These laws protect providers in states where abortion is restricted. Dr. Linda Prine, a shield law provider in New York, highlights the significance of shipping pills domestically to ensure faster delivery and reduce anxiety for patients awaiting their medication.

Despite challenges, these providers remain committed to ensuring abortion access, working together to adapt to new threats and support women in need.

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