Idaho’s Supreme Court Says No to Student IDs for Voting
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Idaho’s Supreme Court Says No to Student IDs for Voting

The Idaho Supreme Court decided that Idaho’s new voting rules are okay, even though some groups didn’t like them. They said it was okay for the state to say student IDs can’t be used for voting.

The court said this after two groups, BABE VOTE and the League of Women Voters, complained about the new rules. These rules stop student IDs from being used to vote in person or to register to vote.

One of the laws, House Bill 124, said student IDs can’t be used for voting. Another one, House Bill 340, said you can’t use the last four digits of your social security number for voting. Now, you need to show an Idaho driver’s license, a U.S. passport, a tribal ID, or a concealed weapon permit.

The two groups said these rules made it harder for young and out-of-state students to vote. But the court said the state can make rules to keep voting fair, even if it makes things harder for some people.

The court also said the groups didn’t have a good enough reason to sue. They said it’s not enough that the groups just had to teach people about the new rules.

The court thinks the new rules make sense because they help keep voting fair and up-to-date. Some people agree with this decision because they think it makes voting safer. But others don’t like it because they think it might stop young people from voting.

The groups that complained said they won’t give up. They’ll keep working to help people vote, even if it’s harder now. They want to make sure everyone who can vote gets to do it.

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