Jill Biden Writes a Book about White House Cat Willow
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Jill Biden Writes a Book about White House Cat Willow

The Bidens’ dogs got everyone talking because they weren’t behaving well, but now it’s time for Willow, the “First Feline,” to shine in her very own book!
Jill Biden, the First Lady, wrote a story for kids about Willow, a cute cat with short fur, and her journey from a farm in Pennsylvania to the White House in 2022.

The book called “Willow the White House Cat” will be out in June, which is four months before President Joe Biden gets into a tough fight for reelection against Donald Trump.

Jill Biden said, “As Willow explores her new home, she learns about all the amazing people who work in the White House.” She also mentioned that Willow makes lots of new friends and gives everyone a special look into the famous address from a cat’s point of view.

Willow is now the only pet left in the White House after two of the Bidens’ dogs had to leave because they were biting people. One of them, Commander, a German Shepherd, was sent away after biting some Secret Service agents. Another dog, Major, also a German Shepherd, went to stay with family friends for doing the same thing. The Bidens’ other dog, Champ, passed away in 2021.

Willow is special not just because she’s a cat but also because she has a connection to Jill Biden’s home state, Pennsylvania. She’s named after a place called Willow Grove, which is where the First Lady is from.

The book was written by Jill Biden and Alyssa Satin Capucilli, and it was illustrated by Kate Berube.

The White House has had many pets over the years, though cats aren’t very common. Some of the pets even had their own adventures in books written by First Ladies like Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush.

Unlike other presidents, Trump didn’t have any pets during his time in the White House. But now, he’s hoping for a big comeback to the White House.

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