Man Found Guilty of Shooting Woman Who Threw Rocks at His Truck
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Man Found Guilty of Shooting Woman Who Threw Rocks at His Truck

A jury in Arapahoe County has found a man guilty of second-degree murder for shooting a woman who had thrown rocks at his semi-truck.

The verdict was reached against 44-year-old John David Thoren III after a four-day trial.

Thoren stated that he was sleeping in his semi-truck near Arapahoe Road on October 28, 2022, behind the Boot Barn, when he was awakened by a woman throwing rocks at his truck’s driver’s side. He claimed to have warned her to stop and then brandished a gun, threatening to shoot her if she continued.

The woman, identified as Rachel Holmes, 46, was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. Although Thoren called 911 to report the incident, he did not provide assistance.

During questioning by investigators, Thoren admitted to shooting Holmes, stating that he felt threatened for his safety. While large rocks were found near the truck, there was minimal damage to the vehicle.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Michael Mauro stated, “Instead of seeking safety or contacting authorities, the defendant chose to confront the woman with a gun and use lethal force, which was not justified based on the circumstances of the case.”

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