Miss Universe Group Denies Saudi Arabia’s Involvement in 2024 Pageant
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Miss Universe Group Denies Saudi Arabia’s Involvement in 2024 Pageant

In an official statement shared with CNN and posted on their website, the pageant stated that Saudi Arabia has not been confirmed as a participant yet. They emphasized undergoing a strict vetting process before finalizing any candidate to represent the country. Until approved by the committee, Saudi Arabia’s participation remains uncertain.

The controversy arose when Saudi Arabian model Rumy al-Qahtani announced her candidacy on social media platforms, claiming to represent Saudi Arabia in the Miss Universe pageant. Despite her announcement and subsequent media coverage, the organization denies her involvement until the proper selection process is completed.

The Miss Universe spokesperson mentioned that al-Qahtani would need to go through the standard selection procedure like other candidates if she wishes to participate officially. However, attempts to reach al-Qahtani for comment were unsuccessful.

The statement also highlighted that over 100 countries will be part of the 2024 Miss Universe competition, scheduled to take place in Mexico in September. Notably, this year’s pageant removes the upper age limit for contestants, a departure from previous editions.

Additionally, a new “cultural heritage pageant” under the Miss Universe system, known as Miss Universe Persia, has been introduced. It aims to celebrate women of Persian descent worldwide, with the winner joining other delegates at the main event in Mexico.

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