Powerful Windstorm Causes Widespread Power Outages in Denver Metro Area
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Powerful Windstorm Causes Widespread Power Outages in Denver Metro Area

On Saturday, Denver experienced winds averaging between 60 to 70 mph, with some areas in the foothills reporting gusts exceeding 100 mph. These intense winds caused significant disruptions, leading to hundreds of flight delays and cancellations at Denver International Airport.

The primary effects of the storm were power outages and fallen trees. In some instances, fallen trees caused property damage, including a house fire in Edgewater and a gas meter rupture in Lakewood. Fortunately, emergency responders were able to address these situations promptly, and there were no reported injuries.

Another incident in Littleton involved a tree falling through the roof of a home, but luckily, no one was harmed. Reports of fallen trees were received by Denver Parks & Recreation, with approximately 20 incidents documented.

Additionally, the storm caused power outages at 68 traffic signals across Denver, leading to minor disruptions. According to Mayor Mike Johnston, these outages were primarily attributed to Xcel Energy power failures.

As of Sunday morning, over 150,000 Xcel customers in the Denver metro area were affected by power outages, with nearly half of Boulder’s Xcel customers also experiencing loss of power. The aftermath of the windstorm underscored the significant impact of extreme weather events on communities and infrastructure.

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