Space Force Gets Ready to Counter Space Threats
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Space Force Gets Ready to Counter Space Threats

The U.S. Space Force is gearing up for an exercise to tackle threats from other countries like China in space. They’ve picked two private space companies for this mission.

Rocket Lab, a company from California, got a $32 million contract from the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit. True Anomaly, based in Colorado, got $30 million through SpaceWERX, a Space Force innovation arm. True Anomaly will also use $30 million of their own money for this mission.

Both companies will make spacecraft and control centers for the mission, called Victus Haze. The goal is to deal with any threats in space realistically.

Colonel Bryon McClain from the Space Systems Command said China is a big concern. He thinks using innovations from the commercial space industry can help tackle this.

The mission should be ready by fall 2025. True Anomaly will launch their spacecraft from either Florida or California, while Rocket Lab will launch from New Zealand or Virginia.

The plan is to test how well they can understand and deal with space threats. With almost 48,000 things in space, knowing what’s happening up there is crucial.

General B. Chance Saltzman, the head of the Space Force, said the U.S. is facing competition from Russia and China in space. He thinks working with the commercial space industry is vital for success.

The Space Force wants to include commercial space solutions in its plans. They have a strategy to use commercial space technology in different missions, like satellite communications and space awareness.

The Pentagon also released its own strategy for using commercial space solutions. They’re open to using military force to protect commercial space assets if needed. They want to avoid relying too much on one provider and make sure there are backups in case something goes wrong.

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