Trump Goes to Court, Biden Cooks Up Campaign: Unique 2024 US Elections
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Trump Goes to Court, Biden Cooks Up Campaign: Unique 2024 US Elections

Even though it’s the same faces running again, the 2024 US presidential election is shaping up to be quite different. This time around, we’ve got Joe Biden, who’s already the oldest president America has ever had, turning even older this November. Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who faced a lot of questions about his behavior last time, is dealing with something new – he’s got four criminal charges against him, which is something no other president has faced before.

Biden, at 81, can’t do much about his age except crack jokes about it sometimes and point out that his opponent is just a little younger. But Trump seems to be turning his legal troubles into a kind of campaign show, acting as if his court appearances are like his famous rallies, with lots of loud speeches and cheering fans.

The way Trump talks during these speeches isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a president – it’s hard to imagine Abraham Lincoln saying the kinds of things Trump does about judges or his political opponents. But Trump’s supporters seem to like it when he gets all worked up and complains about stuff.

Trump’s legal problems are costing him a lot of money – hundreds of millions of dollars – and they’re keeping him from doing his usual campaign rallies like he used to. He’s only had one big rally so far, in Ohio, which is pretty unusual for him.

Meanwhile, Biden is trying a different approach. He’s been visiting a lot of important states where the vote could go either way, like Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Instead of big rallies, he’s been doing smaller events, sometimes without cameras around, or he’ll visit small businesses like barbershops or restaurants.

Biden’s team is setting up events where he can sit and talk with people, like having lunch with some college students or talking to a kid who stutters, just like Biden did when he was young.

Biden isn’t doing a lot of interviews with big national news outlets. Instead, he’s talking to local media or community groups. Some people say Biden needs to be more visible in the media to show people he’s still got the energy for the job.

But Biden’s supporters think his personal approach – sitting down and talking with regular folks – is what makes him a good president. It’s different from Trump’s big rallies, but it seems to be working for him in some places, at least according to some recent polls.

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