UK Court Waits to Decide if Julian Assange Goes to US
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UK Court Waits to Decide if Julian Assange Goes to US

The United States wants to put Julian Assange on trial for sharing secret documents in 2010. These documents were about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But in the UK, two judges are taking their time to decide if Julian Assange should be sent to the US or not. They’re waiting for the US to promise some things about how Julian Assange will be treated if he’s sent there.

Julian Assange, who is from Australia, has been trying to stop this from happening. He’s been through many court battles already. Some people think this is about keeping the freedom of the press safe.

The judges said Julian Assange might have a chance to win his case on three out of nine points. But they want the US to give some assurances first. They’re worried that Julian Assange might not get a fair trial or could face a harsh punishment like the death penalty.

Julian Assange couldn’t be in court for this decision. He’s been in a high-security prison since 2019. His lawyers say he wasn’t feeling well during the court dates in February.

If Julian Assange loses this appeal, it means he’ll have no more chances to stop the extradition to the US from the UK. But his team might try to get help from European courts.

Many people, including big news companies, think the charges against Julian Assange are wrong. They say it’s not fair to use an old law to punish him for publishing secret information. The US accuses Julian Assange of working with hackers to get this information.

Julian Assange has been in the spotlight for years. Before going to prison, he stayed in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid being sent to Sweden for different accusations, which were later dropped.

The UK courts have gone back and forth on whether Julian Assange should be sent to the US. But now, it’s up to them to decide his fate.

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