What’s Happening with Trump’s Trial in New York?
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What’s Happening with Trump’s Trial in New York?

Former President Donald Trump is facing a criminal trial starting on April 15 in New York. Prosecutors say he falsified business records related to a situation involving Stormy Daniels, an adult performer. This comes after Trump had to pay a $175 million bond in another lawsuit.

Experts think this trial might not be as important as others Trump is facing. He’s also dealing with legal issues in Washington, Georgia, and Florida. These trials could affect how future presidents and candidates make decisions. Plus, Trump has tried to claim presidential immunity, but the judge said it’s too late for that.

In New York, Trump is accused of falsifying business records. These records are related to hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. Trump denies any wrongdoing.

The district attorney says these payments were part of a plan to hide another crime. They say Trump might have broken campaign finance and tax laws. The trial will determine if Trump did falsify records and if he did it to cover up another crime.

Some legal experts think the charges are too severe. They say the prosecutor is being too tough on Trump. Others think Trump should not testify in court because it might not help him.

This trial is a big deal, but it’s just one of many legal battles Trump is facing.

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